Hi, I am Anita Mokashi. After blogging for Crave Cook Click which is about Food,Travel, Restaurant Reviews, Fashion and Photography..now it was time to document the new phase in my life which is MOTHERHOOD. Aai means mother in marathi and I couldn’t think of a better name for the blog than this one..Being Aai means Being a Mom 🙂

Each day infact each hour I am learning something new about being a mother and a parent. I want to treasure these priceless moments and difficult times which I am going to experience henceforth.motherhood, aai, pregnancy blog, mommyblog, indian mom, mothers forum, pregnancy queries

I had started multiple groups on facebook focusing on various categories of my blog. When I conceived, I decided to start a  facebook group for mommies..It’s called Mommies@Crave Cook Click. This group has been such a lifesaver for me where the members patiently answered my endless queries about pregnancy and motherhood.Now it has become a great platform for mommies to ask their queries and get inputs/recommendation from other moms. I will be including their recommendations in my blogposts here on various topics from pregnancy to motherhood to parenthood.

I am very much excited to begin this journey with my readers. Drop me an email at anita@beingaai.com if you have any inputs or questions. Also if you are interested in my photography work check out Anita Mokashi Photography. I do take up family portrait sessions.

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